Filename Markers ignored


Whenever I generate an output from any Word 2007 document, and am using filename markers to generate several html files, all filename markers except the last one are ignored, and one single html file is generated with the name of the last filename marker. The filenames report states for each of the filename markers "Filename marker 'xyz' has been ignored."; and the last entry is "Filename marker 'zzz' has been used for generated file 'zzz.html'".


First, open Style Designer and go to Marker Styles and be sure to have the 'Filename' value assigned to the Marker Type for the Marker you want to use as Filename.

Secondly, be sure to apply those for Headings a 'Page Break Priority' with out the page break priority the desired names will never passed to the html files. You go to Style Designer and from Paragraph Style list you select the Paragraph Styles that you need to assign 'Page Break Priority' than go to "Options" tab and assign a "Page Break Priority". Save your project and re-generate.

If you look at your files, there might be multiple "TopicAlias" --> "Filename" markers present for a given output page. If we find mulitple filename markers present, we pick the last one.

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