PDF error "Attempted to read or write protected memory"

A user saw this warning in the PDF pipeline during generation. He narrowed it down to a problem with one of the fonts used in the documents. Specifically, a switch from the TrueType version of the font "Charlotte" to the PostScript version of the same was enough to resolve the issue. So, if you get similar errors, try using PostScript fonts for better compatibility.

Sometimes, we see font-related issues caused by the GhostScript application we use for rendering PDFs. If you run into similar problems, or if you have custom job options (or other reasons to use Distiller), you can try performing an override developed to force ePublisher to use Adobe Distiller to create the PDF instead of GhostScript. Please see our online Wiki article here for details: http://wiki.webworks.com/HelpCenter/Tips/UseDistillerForPDF


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