"Cannot create PostScript file" error during PDF generation

When you generate output, you might see the "Cannot create PostScript file" message in the log during the PDF or Images pipeline. There are several reasons that it may occur.

1. Check the Windows Printers folder. If you are using Adobe FrameMaker, you should have a WebWorks Rasterizer printer and an Adobe PDF printer. If the Rasterizer is missing, try reinstalling one of the ePublisher components. If the Adobe PDF printer is missing, try reinstalling FrameMaker (or Acrobat/Distiller).

2. If you have installed Adobe Acrobat Pro 8, but you are using FrameMaker 7.x or MS Word to create documents, the problem may lie in some important differences between Distiller 8 and previous versions. FrameMaker 7 may not be able to effectively communicate with the newest version of Distiller in order to create the PostScript files. Similarly, ePublisher's attempt to produce PDF documents via Frame/Distiller will fail with this configuration. The solution is either to upgrade to FrameMaker 8 (FM 8 can communicate with Distiller 8) or to downgrade back to Acrobat/Distiller 7.

If neither of these options describes or resolves your issue, please submit a support case.


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