Index sorting is incorrect for accented and special characters

There is a known issue concerning the sort order of the WebWorks Help 5.0 index. Foreign-language characters (such as those with accents), and special characters (like ligatures) may not be sorted correctly. Words that begin with these characters usually end up at the bottom of a list of index entries. This bug is specific to the WWHelp format.

Because the WebWorks Help 5.0 index is created at runtime (rather than when the output is generated), it does not obey the sort order specified in locales.xml, and instead uses Unicode values for the characters to determine their order. All other formats (e.g., Dynamic HTML, etc.) use locales.xml, and therefore can be configured with custom sort orders in their indices.

This issue will be considered during the next redesign of the format (i.e., WebWorks Help 6.0), although no timeline for that update is currently availabl

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