Creating Sitemap File for Deployed WebWorks Reverb Files

To assist Google with finding your deployed WebWorks Reverb Help files, it advised to create a Sitemap file.

By creating a Google Sitemap file, you ensure that your generated files in the Reverb format show up in your own Reverb Search engine as well as any generic Google search.

/!\ This is a great way to get your Reverb Help files discovered on the Internet!


How to create a Sitemap file for any set of deployed Reverb files that is compatible with Google Search and Google Webmaster Tools.


  1. Using ePublisher and your own documentation files convert your content to WebWorks Reverb.

  2. Deploy (copy) our content to a public-facing website.
  3. Note the URL of the entry page of your published Reverb files (i.e.

  4. Using a sitemap generator tool, generate a single XML file in Sitemap format (see using your entry page URL.

  5. From with Google Webmaster Tools, upload the generated XML sitemap file.

  6. Optionally, within Google Site Search, you can have your files indexed on-demand by selecting the now available sitemap file that was uploaded using Google Webmaster Tools.

Sitemap Generators

There are many sitemap generators available, some at cost and some free. Here is a list of available tools:

Using Sitemap Generator

The following are recommended steps for this generator.

  1. Visit the link:

  2. Specify the following settings in the first screen.
    • sitemap_settings.png

  3. Start the Crawler using the play button.

  4. When the Crawler is complete, specify the Row Filter button.

    • sitemap_row_filter.png

  5. Export the Sitemap to a file on your own computer.
  6. Place the file somewhere on a public-facing website, usually next to the Reverb files.

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