Automatically create metadata


Customer is wanting to automatically generate metadata from ePublisher


Please refer to the attached files in for the instructions. The process for getting metadata into the output requires some customization.

1. Create markers in the source document that have the desired information such as the author's name, date created, version, etc. For the author's name I created a marke

  • Go to Special -> Marker

  • Drop down from the Select Marker Type
  • Click Edit.
  • Create a custom marker type name (for instance, MetaAuthor)

  • Click Add
  • Insert the Author's name for whoever created the document for Marker Text
  • Click new marker, the Marker tick will appear in the document,

2. Go back to your ePublisher project

  • Go to Style Designer
  • Go to Marker Styles
  • Hit Scan All Documents to see the markers populate
  • Go to Options
  • You can create any variable you want, but remember it for the Page.asp modification
  • For this instance, let's enter Author f. Save and close the project

3. Now we are going to go to the project directory

  • We are going to create a Page.asp modification
  • So copy the directory structure from your default installation Formats\WebWorks Help 5.0\Pages

  • Copy that Page.asp file into your newly created directory structure
  • Open Page.asp in some sort of text editing software
  • To create the override you will create the following metatag:

<meta name="author" content="Jane Smith" wwpage:attribute-content="wwvars:Author" />

You can put anything in that content quote as a placeholder, the wwpage:attribute-content ="wwvars:Author" is the actual declaration of the variable. So if you were wanting to enter in a date, for example, you would use

<meta name="date" content="June 12, 2008" wwpage:attribute-content="wwvars:Date" />

4. Open project and regenerate to see changes

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