Conditions for table rows are not honored in output

Table rows with multiple conditions may not appear correctly in the ePublisher output. A related defect was recently fixed, but only for the header and footer cells of a table. At the time, we just didn't realize that the body rows would not be affected. The next release of ePublisher Pro will include a fix for this bug.

Meantime, you can use the attached DLL to resolve the issue for the 9.2.2 components (build 10315). Follow these steps:

1) Close all open instances of ePublisher products. 2) Navigate to the ePublisher Pro installation directory: C:\Program Files\WebWorks\ePublisher Pro\ 3) Rename WebWorks.ToolAdapter.dll to WebWorks.ToolAdapter.dll.backup 4) Download the attached file (WebWorks.ToolAdapter.dll) and replace the existing version. 5) Reopen ePublisher Pro and test your conditional table projects.

Note that you'll have to replace the same file in your ePublisher Express and AutoMap directories (for each writer generating output) if you intend to create publications projects with those applications based on Standalone Stationery.

If you continue to encounter trouble with this issue, please submit a new support case or reply to the current one.


Related defects: WWEP1634, WWEP1739


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