Do Not Emit' still results in table borders in output

In ePublisher Pro versions prior to 9.2.2, the graphical interface used to configure table styles was a bit confusing. You may have changed the border values for your table and/or table cells, yet the changes don't appear to have been applied in your output. You must set the border properties for each side individually. Be sure to make your changes for the top, bottom, left, and right sides of the table or cell you aim to configure.

n ePublisher 9.2.2, this interface was modified to allow easier, more effective table configuration. There is now a tab for each side, along with an "All" tab, which makes the appropriate changes for all sides of the element. So, if you are using ePublisher Pro 9.2.1 or earlier, and you are seeing unexpected results from changes to the table borders in the Style Designer, make sure you have not set the left border properties only.

In an unrelated issue, earlier versions of ePublisher also had problems with the "Do Not Emit" setting for table borders. This is related to a defect which was fixed for version 9.2.2 (build 10315).


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