ePublisher does not support double-byte characters in FM markers

Customer question:

I get garbage characters in indices in generated HTML files. I use japansese version of FM 7.2 and use markers (KeywordK markers) to generate index terms. When using English, WWP generates HTML files correctly as shown bellow.

<MSHelp:Keyword Index="K" Term="testing, from GUI">

But when using Japanese chacters (double-bytes characters) in KeywordK markers, WWP generates garbage characters for index terms.

It seems that WebWorks ePublisher handles double-bytes characters as sigle byte characters. In converted MIF files, Japanese texts are expressed as Shift_JIS encode Hex escape. Such as:

<MText `\x83 \x89 \x83 C\x83 Z\x83 \x93 \x83 X'>

I think WWP handles these characters as singe byte characters in WIF files.

Solution: There was a small issue with the encoding of the FrameMaker adapter, and this error was fixed for the ePublisher 9.3 release. An upgrade to the latest version of the platform should resolve the issue.


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