Miscellaneous PDF problems

This should serve as a list of known issues affecting PDF generation from the ePublisher Platform. Some of the problems you might encounter are known defects with viable workarounds. Some are bugs that we know about, but which we're still working to resolve. And some result from limitations of an application beyond the scope of ePublisher, such as FrameMaker or GhostScript. I'll do my best to provide as much information as I can concerning each issue, its cause, and any possible workarounds.

1. External cross-references aren't resolved in top-level PDF.

Description: Say you have two separate source documents. One links to the other. They're both in the same ePublisher project. When you generate output, you specify one PDF per top-level group. When you click the link in the resulting PDF, you get a "File not found" error.

Cause: As we process each document, FrameMaker gives us information concerning cross-references and the destination files. We create a PS (PostScript) file for each source document, and move on to the next. If a user asks for a single PDF for a group of documents, we combine all of the PS files and render one PDF. Unfortunately, rewriting the cross-references for such a case has proven difficult due to a lack of useful documentation concerning the PostScript language.

Workaround: If you also generate a PDF per document, then the links will at least be resolved. However, they will open the separate document-level PDF, rather than scrolling to the appropriate location in the merged PDF.

Defect: WWEP2357

2. Bookmarks are not created or resolved correctly.

Description: This takes several forms. There isn't a lot of control available over the organization of PDF bookmarks, so it may seem like there is no logic to the order or content of the bookmarks/TOC of a PDF generated with ePublisher. Maybe you have a good, stuctured set of bookmarks, but then don't link to the correct locations. Or, the bookmark structure of your merged volume PDF could be all off, using incorrect levels of indentation (Level 2 heading aligned with Level 1 headings, etc.).

Cause: Again, many possible causes. Mostly, I think these result from the way PostScript files are created, merged, and rendered as PDFs. In most cases, a single PDF functions well; but, if you use links between multiple files or generate a single PDF for a group of files, the process gets broken.

Workaround: None, really. Just know what to avoid. Create long documents, if possible, with only internal cross-references. Create a single PDF per document.

Defects: WWEP2411, 2355, 2356, 2357

3. En dash appears as OE ligature in PDF bookmarks.

Description: Well, that's pretty much it. If your headings use an en dash (Unicode x2013), it might show up as a ligature (Œ) in your PDF output.

Cause: Unknown. Happens with GhostScript and with Distiller.

Workaround: Change the en dashes to hyphens (Unicode x2D)

Defect: WWEP2410

Note: For a few minor font issues, it might be worth trying the "Distiller" override, which forces ePublisher to use Adobe Acrobat Distiller (if you have it installed) to render the PDF from PS. For more information, please see the article on our Wiki here: http://wiki.webworks.com/HelpCenter/Tips/UseDistillerForPDF


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