Paragraphs are sometimes outputted as unformatted text

The customer said: In FrameMaker I have an object with a title. The title format is an autonumber format followed by text. The problem is that sometimes (rarely) the title will show correctly as a title output but mostly it only shows as unformatted text. "Rarely" and "mostly" mean that if I have 20 of these instances, it works correctly 10% of the time.

The culprit in this instance was the improper use of conditional text settings. The customer was using a "passthrough" condition to insert literal HTML code in the output files, and they inadvertantly applied this condition to the affected title paragraphs in the source document. So, the conditionalized text was passed to the browser as unformatted content, as if it had been added to the HTML with no tags.

To resolve the issue, the user simple removed the condition from the text, making sure it was only applied to content that was to be passed through as HTML code.


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