Paragraphs with passthrough condition still have HTML tags

If you apply a passthrough condition to an entire paragraph, you expect the full content of that paragraph to be "passed through" as unformatted text in the source code of the output document. However, ePublisher tends to wrap the first full paragraph (in any sequence of one or more passthrough paragraphs) in the standard <div> HTML tags. Subsequent paragraphs do show the correct behavior, but it can still be a problem if you are trying to pass literal source code that should not be formatted as normal content.

This is a known issue described by ePublisher defect #WWEP2589

The best available workaround is to add a new line (a blank paragraph) before any sequence of full passthrough paragraphs. Apply the same passthrough condition to the blank paragraph, and then regenerate output. The incorrect behavior (the <div> tags) will be applied to the blank paragraph. The subsequent paragraphs should show the correct passthrough behavior.


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