Style Designer properties are not transferred to new projects from stationery

This isn't a common issue, but it was reported by a customer, so I wanted to write it up anyway, should someone else encounter the same problem.

If you create stationery from an ePublisher Pro master project, and then use that stationery to create additional projects, all of the project settings (style properties, format settings, etc.) should be saved as part of the stationery and transferred to the new project. If you find that the target-based settings (Format settings, conditions/variables, etc.) are migrated correctly, but the contents of the Style Designer are not, try uninstalling ePublisher Pro, downloading the latest version from, and reinstalling the product.

Also, please submit a Support case describing the problem and the results of any troubleshooting (including the reinstall) so that we can track the issue and take action if it is a recurring error.


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