List of styles does not appear in the Style Designer

In the 9.2.2, one of the application preferences was changes which has the effect of not populating the Style Designer automatically when you add a document.

This change was in response to feedback from customers who wanted a chance to enter and organize styles manually and test output before scanning a document.

However, it is still possible to replicate the behavior of previous versions by creating that list of styles automatically.

So, in ePublisher Pro, choose Edit > Preferences. You'll see an option to "Scan added document." By default, this is now set to "Never," whereas in earlier versions, it was "Always." In either version of ePublisher, you can change this setting to get the behavior you prefer.

If you decide to keep the "Never" setting in ePub 9.2.2, you can scan your documents any time by right-clicking a document (or choosing the Project menu) and selecting "Scan selected" or "Scan all documents."

Upon scanning, the styles will be listed in the Style Designer, and the Conditions and Variables dialogs will also be populated accordingly.


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