Variables are omitted in Automap

When generating output with ePublisher AutoMap, you may find that variables in your documents are ignored; they don't appear in the output at all.

This is the result of a known defect that seems to be associated with documents authored in the Structured FrameMaker environment. This is related to the Defect: "WWEP2370 All variables are omitted from the output in structured FrameMaker document" which was resolved in the 9.3 release. If you are unable to upgrade, here are the workarounds:

First, open AutoMap, choose Edit > Preferences, and select the checkbox labeled "Always scan for conditions and variables." When you next run the job, your document's variables should be correctly generated in the output.

If that isn't working, try changing the FrameMaker interface before running a job. In the Adobe FrameMaker application on the computer running AutoMap, choose File > Preferences > General. At the bottom, change the Product Interface option to "FrameMaker" instead of "Structured FrameMaker". When you set this option, you will be prompted to restart FrameMaker, and when you next run your AutoMap job, the variables should appear as defined.


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