Bulleted text has negative left margin

A defect exists that can affect numbered or bulleted paragraphs. It involves an error in the conversion to relative units of measure. For example, say you override a paragraph in your source document by adding a bullet. In Word, you specify a gap between the bullet and text at 0.5 inches. Normally, we will create a table containing the affected paragraph that has a left margin of -.5 in (or -18pt) and a cell containing the bullet with a width of .5in (or 18pt). The left margin value will be adjusted according to the alignment of the paragraph, of course.

The problem comes if you have defined the left margin of that paragraph style (or its parent) in the Style Designer with a relative unit (e.g., 0.25em). ePublisher converts the absolute value from Word into points (e.g., .5in = 18pt), subtracts the numerical value of the style's left margin (18-.25 = 17.75), and then uses the unit specified in the Style Designer (resulting in -17.75em). This has the effect of moving your bulleted paragraph too far to the left.

The defect is #WWEP2569, and it should be resolved in a future release of ePublisher (though an exact timeline for this fix is unavailable).

To work around the issue, either create a new style for the bulleted paragraph (rather than using an override) or change the left margin units to something absolute, like points, inches, or pixels.


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