"Cannot duplicate document" error with FrameMaker files

Errors at the adapter level are rare for FrameMaker-based projects. When they do occur, it is generally difficult to narrow down the cause. It could be almost anything, from problems with a specific document to issues with the FrameMaker application to intereference from other programs. After a dedicated troubleshooting process, one user found a duplicate WebWorks DLL to be the source of this error.

In the FrameMaker plugins directory (...Program Files/Adobe/FrameMaker 7.2/fminit/Plugins/), you should see a file called WebWorks.FrameMaker.Client.dll. The "modified date" on that file should be close to the release date of your installed version of ePublisher (e.g., 7/18/2007).

This user found a temporary subdirectory in the Plugins folder that contained an outdated version of this file from a previous ePublisher installation. With ePublisher and FrameMaker closed, he deleted this older duplicate file and restarted ePublisher. Upon generating output, the "Cannot duplicate document" error was eliminated. The WIF was created as expected, and the output was generated successfully.

While this may not be the cause of the error for you, it's certainly something to check if you are seeing a similar problem.


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