Missing formatting and/or content in the output

If your project has recently started showing significant problems, including missing content or inaccurate formatting (plain Times New Roman where formatted text is expected), it may be the result of a strange interaction between ePublisher, FrameMaker, and certain fonts.

One customer noticed that some tables were empty and certain paragraph styles were not retaining their Style Designer-configured formatting. After much torubleshooting and frustration, the cause was determined to be a set of fonts that were used in the documents. Specifically, the Futura TrueType font family seems to be at the heart of the issue.

Deleting the problem fonts seems to have resolved the issue. Once the "Futura BT Bold" and "Futura BT Italic" fonts were deleted, the output generated just fine. So, if you are seeing similar problems, and you documents use these fonts, try this:

  1. Close ePublisher components and FrameMaker.

  2. Navigate to your fonts directory (C:\Windows\Fonts\).
  3. Delete the Futura fonts.
  4. Restart your computer.
  5. Open ePublisher and regenerate your output.

That should do the trick. Note, though, that any paragraph styles using the deleted fonts must be reconfigured, or a default font (Times New Roman or MS Sans Serif) will be used instead for those styles.

This issue and its solution have been confirmed in ePublisher 9.2.2 and 9.3.

Update 5/6/08:

Another user has found this same problematic behavior caused by the DIN-Regular font family. This defect, which results from errors thrown by the font processing methods, was fixed for the 2008.1 release.


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