Error: "No valid license key was found to enable xxxxxxxxx support"

Users typically see this error after a recent upgrade. If you have entered your new license key(s), and this error is thrown upon generating output, you likely have additional keys registered which are no longer valid. These might include keys from a previous version (e.g., ePublisher 9.2.2) or from a temporary evaluation.

To resolve the issue, open your ePublisher license manager (Help > License Keys...). Next, click the 'Unregister' button if present, then the 'Update' button.

If the 'Unregister' button is not present, you are running with non-network keys. To resolve this issue, delete all keys in the list, and then re-enter only the appropriate key(s) assigned to you for the current product and version. Repeat this process for each component (Pro, Express, AutoMap).


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