Copying Target Information


When customer creates new Targets, the information created for the Cross Reference rules is not transferred over.


This is working by design, because we want to give users the flexibility to create different rules for different targets. The result, however, is that if you create a new Target, you must re-create all the cross-reference rules "From Scratch" in the interface. The shortcut for this is to actually use the XML template that ePublisher has created via the WEP file. Please use the following steps for ways to be able to do this:

1. Locate the desired ePublisher project, and make a copy of this file for backup. 2. Right click this file to open in desired text editor 3. You will find information like this, for example:

<XRefFormats Adapter="Adobe FrameMaker">
<XRefFormat Key="Chapter Number" Value="" />
<XRefFormat Key="Chapter Title &amp; Page" Value="&lt;$paratext&gt;" />
<XRefFormat Key="Glossary Term" Value="&lt;Italic&gt;&lt;$paratext&gt;&lt;Default ¶ Font&gt;" />
<XRefFormat Key="Heading &amp; Page" Value="&lt;$paratext&gt;" />
<XRefFormat Key="Heading (see page)" Value="&lt;$paratext&gt;" />
<XRefFormat Key="Heading Only" Value="&lt;$paratext&gt;" />
<XRefFormat Key="Heading on page" Value="&lt;$paratext&gt;" />
<XRefFormat Key="Page" Value="page &lt;$pagenum&gt;" />
<XRefFormat Key="Step Number" Value="step &lt;$paranumonly&gt;" />
<XRefFormat Key="Table All" Value="&lt;$paratext&gt; (table)" />
<XRefFormat Key="Table Number" Value="Table &lt;$paranumonly&gt;" />
<XRefFormat Key="Table Number &amp; Page" Value="&lt;$paratext&gt; (table)" />
<XRefFormat Key="Figure Number" Value="Figure &lt;$paranumonly&gt;" />
<XRefFormat Key="Heading (on page)" Value="&lt;$paratext&gt; (on page &lt;$pagenum&gt;)" />
<XRefFormat Key="Appendix" Value="\Appendix &lt;$chapnum&gt;, “&lt;$paratext&gt;” on page &lt;$pagenum&gt;" />
<XRefFormat Key="See Heading &amp; Page" Value="See “&lt;$paratext&gt;” on page &lt;$pagenum&gt;." />

You can copy the rules for your particular target to any of your other targets (make sure it is within the



but you have to verify that it is the right one, for example, at the top of the WEP file there is identifying ID's such as this

<Format TargetName="WebWorks Help - Exploring ePublisher" Name="WebWorks Help 5.0" Type="Application" TargetID="rA3qi8lMLUM">
      <OutputDirectory>Output\WebWorks Help - Exploring ePublisher</OutputDirectory>

To figure out where I would need to paste, I would need to do a search for the "rA3qi8lMLUM"

Then, at the bottom, you would see the following:

<FormatConfiguration TargetID="rA3qi8lMLUM" ChangeID="mwaE18lfIOk">

You would paste the appropriate !XRefFormat markup within that Target configuration's XML

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