Deployment Fails with ePublisher Express Project Option in Automap


My project never deploys from the Automap job however. The job keeps failing with this with a can't find deploy settting "".


The tricky part about ePublisher deployment settings is that they can be saved as stationery, but the named deployment location must be known to the component that is generating output.

So, in ePublisher Pro, you might create a deployment folder in the application settings (Edit > Preferences > Deployment). You create a name and assign a folder path. Then, for each target, you choose a named deployment folder for the drop-down "Deploy to:" field in the Format Settings. Then, you save as stationery, and the named deployment folder is saved for each target.

When you create a project in ePublisher Express based on that stationery, each target still is set to deploy to the named folder defined in ePublisher Pro. But, those names might not exist in the Express deployment list. So, you must edit the Preferences for ePublisher Express, adding a named deployment location that matches each of the names (check spelling and capitalization) saved in the stationery.

Finally, you create an AutoMap job to automate the processing of that Express project. The deployment folders are saved in the stationery, and they are defined in Express, and now they must now also be defined in the AutoMap application preferences. If one of your targets is set to deploy to a folder with a deployment alias named "Output A", then you must create a deployment folder in the AutoMap preferences named "Output A", just as in the other components.

So, if you are getting errors that say a deployment folder named "XXXXXX" was not found, check the AM and Express preferences, and be sure the appropriately named deployment folders are there.


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