General Usage case with Automap

Here is a workflow put together by an ePublisher user:

  1. Once satisfied with PDF format provided by the Designer project that comes with the installation, you can use this project in Designer, add a blank top level directory and any .book and .fm files. I also set a deployment directory in this project. I may choose 'PDF' output here.
  2. Save the Designer project as stationary.
  3. Load the stationary into AutoMap

  4. Click the "Documents" tab in the "Edit Job" in AutoMap.

  5. Use the left pane (looks like a document manager) to create top level groups and to add books.
  6. Open the "Target Configuration" tab in the "Edit Job" in AutoMap

  7. Set the deployment target, expressions, and variables here.
  8. Save and run the AutoMap job.

Note: When using FrameMaker and Conditional Text settings, !Automap does not automatically "update" the source after applying the conditions. For small changes this is not an issue. But when there are many pages of conditional text, the resulting PDF will include many blank pages.

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