Some filename markers are not being recognized

If you insert Filename markers throughout your document, and you notice that some of them are not being recognized (that is, some HTML files are being named according to the default convention rather than using the marker text as the file name), it's likely the result of a known defect affecting earlier versions of the ePublisher Platform. Prior to version 9.2.2, markers inserted in anchored frames (GraphicStyle, GraphicScale, etc.) would interfere with the functionality of Filename markers in the text. Specifically, the filename marker in the page split following the offending anchored frame would be ignored, resulting in an HTML file with a name like filename2.34.9.html.

The issue was resolved for the 9.2.2 release when markers were allowed in anchored frames without requiring image rasterization. So, the options for working around this bug in your project are: 1. Remove either the image markers or the filename markers and regenerate. 2. Upgrade to the newest version of the ePublisher Platform by uninstalling your existing components and downloading the most recent installers from

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