Some users have reported issues with Stationery not updating as expected in using the Perforce VCS


Here are the findings on of our users

Perforce and WebWorks interact in such a way that it's possible to update stationery in the central Peforce system but have local duplicate copies of old stationery still on people's individual workstations. When that happens, the WebWorks output appears not to have been updated, or it is broken. In essence, the system gets confused, appearing to automatically sync the stationery in WebWorks as it should but actually using old stationery to produce the WW outputs.

The solution is simple. Users must not rely on automatic updating of stationery by WebWorks. Instead, they must manually delete ALL OLD LOCAL stationery and associated files before updating to the latest stationery, first in Perforce, then in WebWorks. This makes it impossible for their local systems to get confused by having both old and new stationery installed, since the old has been completely eradicated and only the new is present on the local system. 

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