WebWorks Help SDK (API) for 4.x and 5.x


This WebWorks Help SDK download zip file is required if you intend to integrate WebWorks Help with your installed applications and fully take advantage of the context-sensitive help api it provides.

Includes complete set of C/C++/COM/.Net code and example projects for including WebWorks Help support in your Windows, Macintosh, or Unix installed applications.

Also includes javascript code and example projects for creating help for web applications.

Release 4.0.10

Added new example CSharp Demo application that uses "WebWorks Reverb 2.0" help files. API still works with "WebWorks Help 5.0" and "WebWorks Reverb" help files but the Reverb 2 files are easier to demonstrate and test (which is why it is used).

Also removed special IE (Internet Explorer) behavior that previously would reuse an existing browser tab. Unfortunately this feature no longer works properly on new Windows 10/11 environments and thus was removed. Note: IE still works, but opens new browser tabs just like other browsers.

CSharp API tested for all modern browsers as well as Microsoft Edge.


Release 4.0.9

Check 64-bit Registry entries first, then 32-bit. Check for 'ProgId' as well as 'Progid'.


C# implementation


Release 4.0.8

Synced Vista related changes made for 2008.2 release. Updated examples to compile and run correctly right out of the extracted .zip.


C# implementation



Contains only documentation changes for organizing the information for use by either web or "installed application" developers. Also includes additional sample ePublisher projects.


Release 4.0.7

  • To enable better browser window reuse, when using the Javascript API, make the following overrides to your master project (applies only to ePublisher release 9.2.2).
    • Remove the following line from selected HTML files:

    window.name = "WWHFrame";
  • These are the HTML files to override in your ePublisher master project:



Release 4.0.6

Major features of this release:

  • Support for WebWorks Help 4.0 and 5.0 help sets

  • Internet Explorer 7.0 support



As for additional information, it isn't so much that IE7 drops the query string as it no longer reposts it to a server.

So, consider this case:


If you enter that on a website, IE posts:


If a security dialog pops up, then here's where things differ:

  • IE6:
    • Reposts http://www.webworks.com/show.aspx?message=cool

    • Posts http://www.webworks.com/show.aspx

Because you wouldn't want the server to perform an action twice, now would you.

This is great for servers, but lousy for file systems:


If you enter that on a website, IE posts:


If a security dialog pops up, then here's where things differ:

  • IE6:
    • Reposts file:///C:/index.html?context=help&topic=me

    • Posts file:///C:/index.html

Not so great for context sensitive help.

Force Internet Explorer on Windows

The API makes a call to WWHelp_Platform_SetDefaultBrowserInfo() to determine the which browser to use when displaying help topics. This call is platform specific and lives in one of three files:

  • src/wwhmac.
  • src/wwhunix.c
  • src/wwhwin.c

To force Internet Explorer on the Windows platform, search src/wwhwin.c for:

  • pClassName = ".htm";

This line occurs twice. Change the ".htm" string to "iexplore.exe" as in:

  • pClassName = "iexplore.exe";

Recompile and all help topics should now display with Internet Explorer.

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