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Details on ePublisher 2009.1's integration between local WebWorks Help 5.0 application help and the WebWorks Documentation Wiki.

This implementation was the lead subject of our May ePublisher Power Hour.


Created overrides for Formats\Shared\common\splits\names.xsl to ensure a consistent naming convention and then included the MoinMoin format's Transforms\moinmoin.xsl for proper link name escaping.

Packaged as

Page Template

To tie in the server with the locale WebWorks Help 5.0 page, we'll add the required <iframe> element in Page.asp.

  • <iframe src="" wwpage:attribute-src="wiki-status-url" width="96" height="43" frameborder="0" scrolling="no">

Packaged as

Server HTML and JavaScript Resources

Once the application WebWorks Help 5.0 is ready and we've generated, deployed the same content to the MoinMoin server, we'll need to provide a way for that <iframe> to report wiki page and discussion status. We do that by placing static HTML and JavaScript on the server and having the client use AJAX to display page status.

Packaged as






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