Screen Capture Solutions

Listed below are my favorite tools for capturing computer screens to be later used for training, documentation, marketing, and other knowledge sharing activities.

Blue Berry: FlashBack

Recommended for creating the smallest and clearest flash video screen captures with the least amount of effort, especially when post-editing steps are not required or warranted. In particular, it does not try to scale screen text and thus side-steps typical problems with blurred display results and bloated file sizes. Great for recording day-to-day training events short or long.

TechSmith: SnagIt

Premier screen image capture and editing package. This package is the industry standard for static screen capture and highly recommended for tech-writers and any user that likes to explain things with pictures.

TechSmith: Camtasia Studio

Premier video creation and editing package. Excellent for mixing full motion video with screen capture and when post-editing modifications and cleanup are required. The tool of choice for your more sophisticated video projects.


From the makers of Snag It and Camtasia.

This solution is free and works very nice for capturing screens as static images or as motion video with sound. Comparable to SnagIt/Camtasia bundle but has a more limited feature set and file type and size handling capacity.

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