XMetaL Integration

XMetaL 5.0 is a great DITA authoring tool. Unfortunately, out of box, ePublisher is not aware of XMetaL's reusable component DTD, a specialization called ditacomponent. The procedure listed below enables ePublisher to process DITA content that takes advantage of XMetaL's reusable component feature.


  1. Create a "Helpers" override area in your project directory:

  2. Copy the default DITA Open Toolkit install from the ePublisher install directory into your "Helpers" override directory.

    ePublisher Install Directory:

    C:\Program Files\WebWorks\ePublisher Pro\Helpers\dita-ot

    "Helpers" override directory:


    The end result should be:

  3. Copy XMetaL 5 ditacomponent DTDs into the DITA Open Toolkit.

    NOTE: XMetaL has given permission for us to redistribute the necessary files. See Attachments below.


    C:\Program Files\XMetaL 5\Author\DITA\DITA_OT_DTD\dcspecialized-typemods.ent
    C:\Program Files\XMetaL 5\Author\DITA\DITA_OT_DTD\ditacomponent.dtd
    C:\Program Files\XMetaL 5\Author\DITA\DITA_OT_DTD\ditacomponent.mod


  4. Update the DITA-OT XML catalog definition file:


    Add the following at the bottom of the file before the final </catalog> element:

    <!-- XMetaL Reusable Component Support -->
    <!--                                   -->
    <public publicId="-//XMETAL//DTD DITA Component//EN"
    <public publicId="-//XMETAL//ELEMENTS DITA Component//EN"
    <public publicId="-//XMETAL//DTD DITA Component Specialized Typemods//EN"


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