Linking from JavaHelp to Javadoc


This tip describes how to add a link from JavaHelp 2.0 help to a Javadoc page. It applies when using ePublisher Pro with Word.

How To

JavaHelp seems to require that the Javadoc to which you're linking is included in the JavaHelp jar file. The following steps assume that the Javadoc is in a "javadoc" folder within your JavaHelp jar file. You can simply copy the unjarred Javadoc into the JavaHelp jar, but then you'll need to do this each time you generate the help. A better way to handle this is by putting the Javadoc output (unjarred) in a folder below the output target (e.g., Output\Sun JavaHelp 2.0 \MyHelpProject\javadoc). It then gets sucked in during the help compile.

  1. In the Word document, add the HTML code for a normal <a href> link, using a relative path to the appropriate HTML file in the javadoc folder. For example:

<a href='javadoc/com/blah/StringFunctionFactory.html'>com.blah.StringFunctionFactory</a>

  1. Select the entire tag and mark it with a condition, such as "External_Link".
  2. In ePublisher, specify that the condition is passthrough/visible using the Format > Conditions option.

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