I'm not sure this works as well since the 2009-0001 security patch. I implemented this in a 9.2 project (merged), and recently have been migrating the stationery to 2009.3. The 2009.3 output works fine when opening the root of the generated output, but not if you try to open a book or page within it (for example via links like http://localhost/Output/Group/index.html or http://localhost/Output/wwhelp/wwhimpl/api.htm?href=Group/index.html). I've been getting a 404 error saying "The requested URL /Output/frameset.htm was not found on this server." It looks like it thinks frameset.htm is at the top level, which it isn't.

(Of course, we can't rule out "operator error", this all may well be something stupid I did in migrating my overrides.)

Scratch that. The procedure on this page works fine (I used 2009.3). My problem was that I had overridden api.htm to point to frameset.htm back in 9.2 and had carried that override forward, but this override is no longer needed (api.htm now points to wwhsec.htm). Anyway, maybe there's a message here. If anyone is migrating stationery and has set up a custom frameset, you may have overridden api.htm previously - this override is no longer needed and should not be migrated. Cheers!

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