Error Communicating with FrameMaker

This message is generally displayed in one of two scenarios:

1. ePublisher plugin for FrameMaker is not installed. 2. Connection to FrameMaker is not currently "blessed".

NOTE: If you encounter the message 'Error Communicating with FrameMaker' during image or PDF processing, please contact Support for assistance.

Issue 1

Issue 1 can be addressed by manually copying the appropriate version of the ePublisher plugin from this installation folder:

to the FrameMaker plugins folder:

Issue 2

Issue 2 can be addressed by running ePublisher Express or Designer as Administrator and performing a scan operation on any document. To accomplish this:

1. Locate ePublisher Express/Designer in the Start menu.

2. Right-click on the program icon and choose 'Run As Administrator'.

3. Open any project containing a FrameMaker document (or create a new one and added a FrameMaker document to it).

4. Right-click on a FrameMaker document in the project, right-click, then select 'Scan Selected'.

5. Confirm FrameMaker starts and then exits and that the scan operation completes.

6. Close the ePublisher project without saving changes.

7. Exit ePublisher.

You should now be able to use ePublisher normally.


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