Unexpected Code from FrameMaker plugin


You may notice a few lines of code that are very small at the end of the HTML page ending the FM document, for example:

{userdict /pdfmark


This is legacy code from a phantom paragraph style called zPageLabeler created by a plug-in called PageLabeler for FrameMaker. To remove this code, you will need to clean this out of the actual FM document:

  1. Save the problematic FM file as MIF files in FrameMaker

  2. Open those MIF files in a text editor instead of FM
  3. Look for the PageLabeler PgfTag

  4. Delete the text such as:
    • <ParaLine
      <String ` /pdfmark where { pop} { userdict /pdfmark /cleartomark load put} ifelse'>
      > # end of ParaLine
      • all the way until you see <PgfTag `Body'>

      • Save the MIF file in the text editor and close
      • Open the MIF in FM and then save as .fm to override the old FM file
      • Now generate and the zPageLabeler text will be removed

Alternative Resolution

Set the Option "Generate Output" to "Disabled" in the Style Designer for the style name "zPageLabeler".

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