Cannot duplicate document error message


Customer will get an error such as this

[ERROR] Cannot duplicate document 'C:\mozydox\dita\maps\client_user_guide.ditamap' to 'C:\Documents and Settings\mark\Local Settings\Temp\WebWorks\ePublisher Pro\Data\c1lOMEMWrBWKmvs9ap7L6A\WZRJdZdZt68\aosgdd5G9d4\2_wZsgQcdpw\client_user_guide.ditamappdf' and apply settings. 

Possible Causes

There is no single reason for this type of issue. It indicates that something unexpected occurred. While not exhaustive, consider:


The first step is to search your DITA log file for the word 'ERROR' and correct any and all issues. This may require you to remove all overrides and slowly add them back to isolate the offending XSL. If you cannot determine the cause, please open a Support case and attach your log file. Support will also likely request that you provide a minimal Designer project with source files that can be used to replicate the issue. Just keep in mind that Support needs a small DITA source file, just big enough to see the problem, no larger.

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