Installation procedure for the ePublisher Platform

If you are installing on Windows Vista, please see our installation video here for important additional installation steps for that operating system:

Otherwise, these are the general steps for upgrading your ePublisher products on Windows XP. Before you start, it's a good idea to save your Master Projects as stationery in ePublisher Pro as a backup. Then follow this procedure:

1. Close all open instances of FrameMaker, Word, and Outlook (and all ePublisher components).

2. Use the Windows Control Panel's Add/Remove Prorgams utility to uninstall all existing WebWorks components.

3. Download the installation files for the newest release

  1. If you have a valid maintenance contract, you are eligible for quarterly releases and patches. Contact for the latest download URL.

    b. If you are interested in upgrading to the latest ePublisher release, please contact or call toll-free (877) 693-2967 for more information.

4. Unzip the installation packages.

5. Run the Setup.exe file in the ePublisher Express package.

6. Follow the instructions in the installation wizard to complete the Express install.

  1. If applicable to this installation, be sure to fill the "Enable access to Conditions, Variables, etc." checkbox. b. When presented with the License Information box, delete all existing license keys, and enter the key(s) provided to you for this new release.

7. When the installation is complete, follow the same steps for Pro and/or AutoMap, as needed.

8. Restart your computer and continue using your projects as before.

During the upgrade process in a large team, all Express users can continue using existing (or backup) stationery from the previous version until everyone has installed the new release. Once the team has upgraded, any project overrides (in the Formats or Target directories) for the ePublisher Pro Master Project should be migrated for compatibility with the new version. Then, a new stationery should be created, replacing the stationery from the previous version. Finally, all Production projects can be synchronized with the new stationery to take full advantage of the added features, fixed bugs, and improved performance of the newest ePublisher release.

For more information on this team upgrade process, this Wiki article may be helpful:

Details of changed Format files from 9.3 to 2008.1 are here:


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