Links seem to appear in normal text throughout HTML content

Some users report certain unwanted effects in their HTML output related to the anchor tags inserted within most paragraphs. These often take a form like:

<div class="Heading1"><a name="4329840">This is some text that</a> is part of a heading paragraph.</div>

Upon hovering over the first part of the heading, you may find that the text becomes underlined or formatted differently in some way, and you may wish to remove the many seemingly random anchors throughout your output.

Those anchor tags server many purposes, and it is not recommended that you remove them. They are used to designate the targets for cross-references and links from the TOC and Index. Without the anchor tags, all links will just point to the top of the topic page on which the destination paragraph is found.

That said, you shouldn't notice any effect from your browser upon hovering over these anchors in default WebWorks output. They contain no href ID, so they shouldn't fall into the "link" category of anchor tags, which are highlighted or underlined by most browsers. This behavior is determined (or can be overridden) by the document's style sheets. In most cases, unwanted behavior results from an override on webworks.css, or a custom CSS file that defines the style of all anchor tags.

If you are customizing the CSS for your output, be sure to differentiate between anchor tags with href IDs (intentional hyperlinks) and those without (navigational references). Don't define CSS attributes for all <a> tags like this:

a {text-decoration:underline; font-weight:bold;

Rather, use pseudoclasses to define only the hyperlinks among the <a> tags like this:

a:link {text-decoration:underline; font-weight:bold;}

Of course, there are many other details you should know about defining anchor tags in CSS which fall beyond the scope of this solution. The internet contains a wealth of resources regarding CSS syntax.

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