Specifying the title of the help window

In order to achieve this you have to perform a target override to template.hhp file. The default location of wwhelp.htm is: \Program Files\WebWorks\ePub¬lisher Pro\Formats\Microsoft HTML Help 1.x\Pages Please see our KB article titled "Creating Project Target Overrides" for more information on how to create a project format override:--)

This action can be accomplished via the "Merge Settings" dialog. A merged help set (.CHM, etc.) will use the top-level "Merged Title". Individual help sets will use the specified "Table of Contents title" as their help set title. Just click on the individual group entry to specify the requested title.

Manually specifying a title outside of the ePublisher UI


Once you are done with the Target override please follow the steps below:

  1. Open template.hhp file in any text editor.
  2. Find the following markup: Title=$Title;
  3. Replace the $Title; with desired title.
  4. Save the template.hhp file.
  5. Regenerate your project in ePublisher Pro.

UPDATE (06/16/09)

With multi-volume help, users outputting in a different language then that specified in the HHP file will see the title "Microsoft HTML Help" instead of the desired title:

This is a restriction/limitation with Microsoft's HTML Help. More details can be found here:


Second, the issue of HTML Help and different locales.

You can compile HTML Help for different languages on your English OS setup. However, as the HTML Help interface is not Unicode enabled, the TOC and Index portions of the help runtime only display using the current system encoding. To test them under different locales, you must change your system encoding. This can be on another machine, with a virtual machine, or by simply changing your current input locale.

You can specify your current system locale in Windows XP through the "Regional and Language Options" control panel

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