TOC is invalid for merged volume ouput

If you have multiple groups in your ePublisher project and you are generating output in the Microsoft HTML Help 1.x format, you may get undesired results in the table of contents.

The TOC may have links that don't function, and the entries might look something like this:

Order Entry Order Entry.chm:/toc.hhc Warehouse Management Warehouse Management.chm:toc.hhc

HTML Help Workshop requires that merged volumes do not use a binary TOC. To comply with this rule, follow this procedure to disable the Binary TOC setting:

  1. In ePublisher Pro, choose Format > Format Settings...,

  2. In the "HTML Help" section, disable the "HTML Help binary TOC" setting,
  3. Click OK and regenerate your project to apply the changes.

The non-binary TOC will create a larger file than before, but it is necessary to produce a valid table of contents for your merged CHM.


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