Topics showing up in the TOC


I generate a help file that plugs-in to another product (it's not an MMC snap-in though). So I have to format my settings to be a Binary Index, and I change the TOC filename to be aaa.hhc (aaa is my output), and set the toc-custom-file to bbb.hhc (bbb is what it plugs into).

I added a new topic to my content but when I generate it, I don't see the topic in my TOC. The content is in the help and i can find it doing a search but I don't know why it's not showing up in the TOC.


  1. In the Target Settings dialog box, put the Table of Contents filename to the name of the project. So for example, my project was called s86, so I would enter s86.hhc.
  2. Generate the project.
  3. Because my project plugs into a bigger chm file, I would take the hhc file of the bigger project and save it to the Files folder.
  4. In the Target Settings dialog box, I set the Binary Index to Enabled, made sure the Table of Contents filename was still at aaa.hhc, and put the toc-custom-file to <name of bigger chm file>.hhc.

5. Regenerate the project.


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