How to "What's this Help"

  1. In your FrameMaker document, apply a unique paragraph tag (e.g., “NewPopupStyle”) to your desired paragraph content and insert a WhatIsThis marker within the same paragraph, using the appropriate ID (agreed upon by your developers) to fill the marker text.

  2. In ePublisher Pro, open the Style Designer and click on the Paragraph Styles pane. In the Paragraph Styles hierarchy, select the paragraph style used in Step 1 (“NewPopupStyle”) and click on the Options tab.

  3. Under the Options tab, locate the setting, ‘What is this’ marker, and set the value to either Define or Define with no output Note: Setting the value to Define will display your content in both the output and popup window. Setting the value to Define with no output will only display your content in the popup window.
  4. Click on the Marker Styles pane and select the WhatIsThisID marker. Set the Marker type value to ‘What is this’ ID.
  5. Regenerate your output for the change


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