Updating the Oracle Help compiler and runtime files

Some versions of ePublisher install with an older version of the Oracle Help development files. If you are inclined to upgrade to the newest version (Oracle Help for Java 4.2.7), follow these steps:

1. Close any open ePublisher projects.

2. Navigate to your ePublisher Pro installation directory, and delete this folder and all of its contents: ePublisher Pro\Helpers\ohelp

3. Download the executable OHJ installer from Oracle, here: http://www.oracle.com/technology/software/tech/java/help/htdocs/utilsoft.htm

4. Run the installer, and install the new copy of Oracle Help into the same location as the folder that was deleted in step two: C:\Program Files\WebWorks\ePublisher Pro\Helpers\ohelp

5. When the installation completes, you'll need to update the references to the ohelp runtime file (the name of which has changed since the last ohelp version). Locate these files in the ePublisher Pro installation folder: ePublisher Pro\Formats\Oracle Help\Transforms\oraclehelp_runtime.xsl ePublisher Pro\Formats\Oracle Help\Transforms\oraclehelp_manifest.xsl

6. Open each file in a text- or XSL-editing application. Search for all instances of the file name 'oracle_ice5.jar' and replace each one with 'oracle_ice.jar' (no quotes).

7. Save the XSL files, open your project, and regenerate Oracle Help output to apply the changes.

The effects of upgrading to the latest build of OHJ are unknown. There are no known bugs or defects that will be caused or fixed, but it's always good to have the latest development tools from the author.


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