Unable to create PostScript file (no PDF generated)

There are many possible causes for the "Unable to create PostScript file" error in the ePublisher log. It can occur in both the Images and PDF stages of output generation.

Sometimes, it is document-specific, related in some way to the images or source content (illegal character, etc.). In that case, try narrowing down the problem until you identify the problematic document; then, using a copy of that file, pare it down until you eliminate the error. In the process, you should be able to locate (and hopefully fix) the corrupt image or paragraph.

Specifically for FrameMaker users, the error might be related to Acrobat Distiller. Check your Printers folder (Start > Printers and Faxes). If there is no Adobe PDF printer, try reinstalling the Distiller by inserting your FrameMaker installation CD and navigating to the following folder: \FM\distillr\enu

Launch 'Setup.exe' (be sure FrameMaker and Acrobat are closed) and complete the Distiller installation. Then, restart your computer, and regenerate output with your ePublisher project.

Another possible workaround for PDF-related issues (especially those related to fonts and formatting) is to force ePublisher to use Distiller to generate the PDF instead of GhostScript. This applies only to FrameMaker users (or anyone who has installed Adobe Acrobat Distiller), and only to projects generated with ePublisher version 9.2.2 or earlier (not 9.3+). The procedure for implementing this override is described on our online Wiki, here: http://wiki.webworks.com/HelpCenter/Tips/UseDistillerForPDF

If you have tried these suggestions, and you continue to get the same error, please submit a support case and describe the steps you have taken so far to troubleshoot. Also include a small sample project (with source) which demonstrates the problem.

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