How can I change the language of the tabs in my WWH output?


Customer has multiple language targets and wants the Search, Index, and TOC tabs of WebWorks Help to reflect the different languages.


You would need to have your User Agent settings switched. I found this article to be helpful in explaining what that entails:

There are different ways to change the User Agent language. The IE language is tied to the Windows language. If you choose “Regional and Language Options” from the Control Panel, you can change the language used by certain programs on the first tab (Regional Options). If you switch this to French and, your WebWorks Help 5.0 output will use the French locale settings. Unfortunately, FireFox doesn’t work this way. You have to download the French locale add-on as well as a handy “locale-switcher” add-on that lets you change the browser locale on-the-fly (or, you could just install the full French version of FireFox). If you succeed in switching the locale, the tabs and buttons in your WWHelp output will reflect the change (after refreshing the view).

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