Company Information Split between the Header and Footer


Customer wants to have just the company logo image on the header, and just the textual information in the footer.


To display only the company logo on the header, and only the textual information on the footer, you will need to remove information from the Page.asp file, by creating what is known as a format override in your project. For more information, you can refer to the following page:

When you have this file copied over into your project directory, you would find the lines of text (you would also see similar markup for the footer) :

  <table wwpage:condition="company-info-top" align="left" wwpage:attribute-align="company-info-top-alignment" summary="">
      <tr wwpage:condition="company-logo-src-exists">
        <td class="WebWorks_Company_Logo_Top">
          <a wwpage:condition="company-link-exists" href="" target="_blank" wwpage:attribute-href="company-link"><wwexsldoc:NoBreak /><img src="images/logo.gif" border="0" wwpage:attribute-src="company-logo-src" /></a>

          <img wwpage:condition="company-link-not-exists" src="images/logo.gif" wwpage:attribute-src="company-logo-src" />

      <tr wwpage:condition="company-name-exists">
        <td class="WebWorks_Company_Name_Top">
          <a wwpage:condition="company-link-exists" href="" target="_blank" wwpage:attribute-href="company-link" wwpage:content="company-name">Company Name</a>
          <a wwpage:condition="company-link-not-exists" wwpage:replace="company-name">Company Name</a>

      <tr wwpage:condition="company-phone-exists">
        <td class="WebWorks_Company_Phone_Top" wwpage:content="company-phone">
          Phone: 512-555-1234

      <tr wwpage:condition="company-fax-exists">
        <td class="WebWorks_Company_Fax_Top" wwpage:content="company-fax">
          Fax: 512-555-5678

      <tr wwpage:condition="company-email-exists">
        <td class="WebWorks_Company_Email_Top">
          <a href="" wwpage:attribute-href="company-email-href" wwpage:content="company-email"></a>

Basically, you would delete the last three table rows (the <tr></tr> tags that contain information) that have the text information for the header table, and for the footer


you would delete that first table row (listed at the top with the image information)

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