Changing the Header and Footer of WWHelp Output

Versions of ePublisher after 9.2 includes some updates that make it more convenient to define the formatting cues for your header and footer information. Rather than overriding Page.asp, you can achieve the desired results by overriding only the CSS file, webworks.css. That file is located in the ePublisher Pro installation directory, here: ePublisher Pro\Formats\WebWorks Help 5.0\Pages\css

Copy that file into the appropriate location in your project folder (most likely, you'll want to put it in [ProjectFolderName]\Formats\WebWorks Help 5.0\Pages\css\). Then, open it in a text editor, such as NotePad.

At the bottom of the file, you'll see a list td classes designating each of the table cells used to display header and footer information. Modify each one with the appropriate CSS attributes (for example, add "font-family:Arial,Verdana,sans-serif" to each of the relevant "bottom" classes). Then, save webworks.css and regenerate your output to apply the changes.

You can modify any style attribute for each of the header and footer items individually by changing the appropriate CSS class.


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