Known issue with IE7 and context-sensitive help


Not being able to call context-sensitive help topics using URLs when using IE7 is a real deal-breaker for us. Several of our developers claim they cannot use your API in their environment. What are your plans to come up with a workaround or fix for this problem?


Unfortunately, the problem is not caused in any way by a defect in the ePublisher software or the output it generates, and so is not easily resolved on our end. Microsoft released Internet Explorer 7 with a new behavior which ignores the query string attached to a URL when it reloads a page following an "Active Content" security warning (or other message requiring a repost). Since that query string (which references the topic and group context identifiers) is necessary to call the appropriate context-sensitive help topic without the API, it just isn't possible to configure the ePublisher output in a way that avoids this browser problem.

Everything works fine in other browsers, but we now recommend using the API (or SDK, as it's now known) to integrate context-sensitive WebWorks Help 5.0 output with your application.

For the most recent information and updates regarding WebWorks Help 5.0, please see the following Wiki location:

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