Output file not found by IE or Firefox. Missing output files.

Customer reported that WebWorks Help 5.0 output generated by ePub Express fails when trying to open the main index.html file. IE just opens a blank page, while Firefox gives the following error message: File not found Firefox can't find the file at /C:/build/data_profiler/enus/library/wwhelp/wwhimpl/common/html/switch.htm.

This issue can affect all output formats, and it was caused by the folder naming convention used by the local content management system. The path leading to the project and/or input documents included folders named with special symbols that interfered with the XSL engine used to generate output. No error was generated in the project log. Specifically, the pound symbol (#) was preventing the creation or copying of many necessary files in the output directory. By reconfiguring the CMS to leave out the offending symbol, the problem was resolved. So, check the folders and files associated with your project for any uncommon characters which may be causing this problem.


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