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I have a project that contains a number of groups. Document pages within each group can be located through our company's unique search engine. When opened, they display the doc page panel only. The user can open the navigation panel to see the documents in the group. However, the user cannot open the "main" navigation panel to see the entire doc set.


What you need to have to make this go back to your main navigation panel is a way for the main navigation button to go back to the other volumes. To do this, you will need to perform a format override and modify the towwhdir.js file located in the directory structure: ../Formats\WebWorks Help 5.0\Files\wwhdata\common in your ePublisher Pro ( Note: You can acheive the same effect for Express by copying over the structure to your Express project directory) program directory. For more information about this process, you can refer to the following website:

Once you have that directory structure and file copied, all you have to do to make this go back to the main navigation is to edit the code to make it look like the following:

function WWHToWWHelpDirectory()
return "../";

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