Replacing the WebWorks Help Splash Image

The splash page has been changed for the 9.2.2 platform. You no longer have to find and replace a file in an obscure folder within the Skins or Files directory. Rather, you can make changes to both the HTML and the splash image by overriding files in the Pages folder.

So, to replace the splash image, recreate the appropriate folder structure in your project directory (Formats\WebWorks Help 5.0\Pages\images\) and copy your replacement image into this location. If it's in the jpeg format, then you can just rename it to splash.jpg, and the image will be replaced with your own when you regenerate.

If you'd like to make other changes to the splash page, or if you have an image with another format or name you'd like to use, you'll need to make a simple change to the splash page template:

1. Perform an override on Splash.asp (Formats/WebWorks Help 5.0/Pages)

2. Open the copy in a text editor (NotePad).

3. At the bottom, find this line: <img alt="WebWorks Help 5.0" src="images/splash.jpg" wwpage:attribute-src="copy-relative-to-output" />

4. Change the src value to reflect the name of your chosen splash image. For example, place "mysplash.gif" into the 'Formats/WebWorks Help 5.0/Pages/images' folder. Then, change the src value in Splash.asp like this: <img alt="Welcome to Our Company" src="images/mysplash.gif" wwpage:attribute-src="copy-relative-to-output" />

5. Save Splash.asp and regenerate your output to apply the changes.

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