Using a PDF not created by ePublisher


Users wants to create a PDF using another program besides ePublisher but also wants to leverage the PDF button found in WebWorks Help


You can link to your alternately PDF when you create the helpset with the Default PDF button. You will have to trick the helpset into linking to the one you created with the other program by using these four steps

  1. Enable in Target Settings -> WebWorks Help, Show PDF button. Also click the PDF -> Generate a PDF per combined top level group.

  2. Generate output for your Target, and in the Output Explorer you will see the WWH created PDF. Right click to Explore location and this will bring up a Windows Explorer window and you will see in the file system where the file is. You can delete this file because you would not be using it.
  3. Save your PDF in the alternate program, but make sure to save as the Top level group's name so that the link with the WWH will go to the correct file. You will probably want to navigate to this file in Windows Explorer
  4. Go back to the Windows Explorer window where the ePub created PDF was and then you can paste the PDF created in the other program, so it will do the "trick" and make the output think you are using one created from ePub.

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